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miRge #
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miRge (miRNA data processing) #

miRge : Multiplexed method for analyze the small RNA sequencing #

RNA-seq are widely accepted experiment for various transcriptome scientific research, which also a cost-effective method for denovo transcriptome projects for new species. Major bottle neck was reside on the data analysis. Huge computational power and highly skilled employees needed for interpret the research outcome. Moreover, while at huge samples, the tedious task need to perform and more computational cost were wasted. To overcome this issues the recent computational method which called “miRge” were specially designed to classify the miRNA and other non-coding small RNAs.

Figure 1: Detail work flow of the the miRge

Figure 2: comparisons with other familiar methods

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Baras, A. S., Mitchell, C. J., Myers, J. R., Gupta, S., Weng, L.-C., Ashton, J. M., Cornish, T. C., Pandey, A. & Halushka, M. K. 2015. miRge - A Multiplexed Method of Processing Small RNA-Seq Data to Determine MicroRNA Entropy. PLoS ONE, 10, e0143066.