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lncRNAtor #

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    Ji-hye Lee

Structured data


lncRNAtor #

Database for expression profile of lncRNAs curated by Ewha Womens University, Seoul South Korea.


Annotation #

  • Collected samples from Human, Mouse, Fly, Worm, and Yeast.
  • Collected data information from ENSEMBL, HGNC, MGI, and lncRNAdb databases.

Expression profiling #

  • Collected 208 RNA-Seq studies (6295 samples) from GEO, ENCODE, modENCODE, and TCGA databases.
  • Expression analysis was carried out based on tissues, diseases, drugs and developmental stages.
  • Cufflinks (expression) and cuffdiff (DEGs) was used.

Functional analysis #

  • The Protein-coding mRNAs that are coexpressed with lncRNA were identified under various conditions and categorized based on GO and pathway analysis.
  • In addition, Protein-lncRNA interactions were compiled using CLIP-Seq or PAR-CLIP sequencing experiments in GEO database.

lncRNA databases #

  • ALDB
  • ChIPBase
  • DIANA-LncBase
  • Functional lncRNA Database
  • GeneCards v3
  • GermlncRNAdb
  • lnCeDB
  • LNCipedia
  • LncRNA2Target
  • lncRNABase
  • lncRNAdb
  • LncRNADisease
  • lncRNAMap
  • LncRNAWiki
  • lncRNome
  • MOuse NOnCode Lung Database
  • NONCODE v4.0
  • Noncoding RNA Expression Database (NRED)
  • PLncDB
  • starBase v2.0
  • zflncRNApedia


  1. lncRNAtor

  2. Park C, Yu N, Choi I, Kim W, and Lee S (2014) lncRNAtor: a comprehensive resource for functional investigation of long noncoding RNAs; Bioinformatics.