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Sequencing Methods #

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시퀀싱 타입의 종류 #

  1. RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq)

  2. Bisulfite sequencing (Methyl-Seq)

  3. Targeted RNA Sequencing (Capture-Seq)

  4. Barcode-directed Assembly for Extra-long Sequences (BaSE-Seq)

  5. Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-seq)

  6. Poly(A)-Position Profiling by Sequencing (3p-Seq)

  7. Inosine chemical erasing sequencing (ICE-Seq)

  8. Single Cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq, Single cell RNA-seq)

  9. Isoform Sequencing (ISO-Seq)

  10. Switching Mechanism at 5’ End of RNA Template sequencing (SMART-Seq)

  11. Cell expression by linear amplification and sequencing (CEL-Seq)

  12. Quantitative single-cell RNA sequencing (Quartz-Seq)

  13. Long Read sequencing (LR-Seq)

  14. Restriction site associated DNA sequencing (RAD-Seq)

  15. gDNA-mRNA sequencing (DR-Seq)

  16. Genome and Transcriptome sequencing (G&T-Seq)

  17. Single Cell tagged reverse transcription sequencing (STRT-seq)

  18. Massively parallel single-cell RNA-sequencing (MARS-Seq)

  19. Gene expression cytometry sequencing (Cyto-Seq)

  20. Single cell mRNA 3-prime end sequencing (SC3-Seq)

  21. Single cell RNA barcoding and sequencing (SCRB-Seq)

  22. Targeted next-generation sequencing panel for thyroid cancer (Thyro-Seq)

  23. Designed Primer-based RNA-sequencing strategy (DP-Seq)

  24. Whole-genome sequencing of pools of individuals (Pool-seq)

  25. Contiguity-preserving transposition sequencing (CPT-Seq)

  26. Haplotype Sequencing (HaploSeq)

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