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HerbsTextMining #
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Text Mining (Medicinal herbs effects on humans metabolic pathways) #

Herbal medicine is an alternative medicine for the modern medicine, also which are being in the practice since from ancient time. Most of the medicinal plant metabolites were characterized for the human malfunctions/diseases (Figure 1).

So to understand the herbal importance for a different malfunctions/diseases, we need to know the characteristics. By reading one by one from the massive amount of journals is impossible. So here we can able to get the details information from the available database which called “pathway studio” ( Although, here we illustrated the semi-automatic pipeline to extract the Disease Signaling Pathways and Biomarkers from the literature (figure 2).

From this pipeline we can get the relations ships and entities to draw a network or to construct the customized databases. Here the keywords are the plant name. Example, "Panax Ginseng"