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CandiSNP #

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Structured data


CandiSNP #

CandiSNP is a web application that classifies, annotates and visualises SNPs on plant genomes. Provide it with a list of SNP positions and allele frequencies and CandiSNP will return the type of each SNP and an interactive visualisation that you can explore to identify potential causative mutations.

It contains the reference genome for Arabidopsis, Rice, Maize, Tomato, Soybean and Grape.

Steps involved #

  • Pre-processing SNP data
  • Selecting the reference genome
  • Uploading file
  • Chrmosome wise result output files (Plots and tables)

References #

  • Etherington, Monaghan et al "Mapping mutations in plant genomes with the user-friendly web application CandiSNP." Plant Methods 2014, 10:306.

  • CandiSNP