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AGRIS (International System for Agricultural Science and Technology) is a global public domain database with more than 7.5 million structured bibliographical records on agricultural science and technology. This database is maintained by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and its content is provided by more than 150 participating institutions from 65 countries.

Objective #

Search for any topic and find all available information on one page : The AGRIS Search system allows scientists, researchers and students to perform sophisticated searches using keywords from the specific journal titles or names of countries, institutions, and authors.

How it works #

  • Search with keyword - enter one keyword at a time


  • Search results - results will show on page where refining your search results is possible. you may start with clicking on the elements you find inside the advanced search area.


  • Binding Site Page - If the user clicks on the LocusID from the search page, he/she will be directed to the binding site page, which shows a graphical representation of the Locus with the predicted binding sites, a table with promoter information, and a table listing each of the binding sites with additional information.


References #